Should You Do Trailer Repairs By Yourself?

The need for repairs can put a damper on trucking. You may wonder if you can save time and money by performing trailer repairs yourself. The answer depends on a number of factors. Here’s a look at performing truck repair on your own.

Type of Truck Repair

Whether or not it’s a good idea to tackle a repair yourself depends a lot on the type of repair required. A simple truck repair like replacing a headlight, attaching a mud flap, and installing a taillight are relatively easy to perform yourself with the proper tools and equipment. Larger, more complex repairs are best left to the professionals.

Driver Experience with Truck Maintenance

The experience of the driver also impacts the repair decision. Do you have experience repairing heavy trucks? Are you familiar with the tools and equipment? Do you feel comfortable using them? Drivers with more experience performing truck maintenance are better able to complete a variety of small repair tasks.

Use of Heavy Truck Body Parts

Another question to ask when deciding if you should repair a truck or trailer yourself is “do I have access to the right heavy truck body parts?” Without the right parts, you won’t be able to complete the repair no matter how simple it is or how much experience you have. Developing a good relationship with a body shop that sells good heavy truck body parts can help you perform more repairs on your own.

When in Doubt, Ask for Help

If you aren’t sure how to perform a repair or whether you should attempt it on your own, it’s best to ask for help. Get the opinion of a supervisor or trusted body shop before beginning truck maintenance yourself.

Know when to tackle truck and trailer repair yourself and when to get help.

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