When Should You Get A Semi Truck Inspection?

Keeping your semi truck on the road is important. Although inspections can feel like a hassle that just slow you down, they are actually a key part of keeping your truck running smoothly. There are three main types of truck inspections: trip inspections, annual inspections, and salvage inspections. So, when should you get a semi truck inspection? Let’s take a closer look.

Heavy Truck Inspection for Each Trip

When you make a trip with your semi truck, you need to inspect it before, during, and after driving. The pre-trip truck inspection involves carefully checking your vehicle to make sure everything is in good working order. During the trip, you should stop periodically and inspect the heavy truck for defects or problems. After the trip, you should also inspect the truck and note any problems that occurred during the run.

Annual Semi Truck Inspection

Annual, or safety, truck inspections must be performed by a certified CVIP inspector and completed once a year. This heavy truck inspection is designed to help you complete trips safely and keep your vehicle running smoothly. A CVIP safety inspection includes all the major systems of your semi truck. All commercial vehicles must meet this requirement every year; failing to do so can result in a large fine.

Salvage Truck Inspection

A major collision takes your heavy truck off the road. Before you seek repairs, you need a salvage truck inspection to determine the extent of the damage. Collisions cause all kinds of damage, some of which may not be visible without an in-depth inspection.

Truck Inspections Help Keep Your Vehicle Running

Sticking with a regular semi truck inspection schedule is important. Discovering and dealing with small problems early with routine heavy truck inspection saves you time and money, and helps you and your semi truck stay safe on the road.

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