What To Look For In A Heavy Truck Storage Facility

Place your heavy truck in good hands when you’re not on the road by choosing a reliable, secure storage facility. You deserve peace of mind knowing your truck is safe so you can relax. Look for these things in a heavy truck storage facility.

Secure Heavy Truck Storage

Keeping your heavy truck secure and protected is the top priority, so find a heavy truck body shop that takes that job seriously. Look for a state-of-the-art security system that includes features like on-site cameras and a gated facility. Protect your truck from intruders, vandals, and other threats by storing it at a secure facility.

Storage Options that Fit Your Needs

Sometimes you need short term storage for your heavy truck, while at times you may want long term storage. A heavy truck storage facility should meet your needs and honour your timetable so that it’s easy to store your truck.

Good Storage Rates at a Heavy Truck Body Shop

You work hard earning money on the road, so don’t waste it by paying too much to store your heavy truck. Look for competitive, economically priced storage and repairs at a heavy truck body shop you can depend on to understand and meet your needs.

Excellent Customer Satisfaction from Professional Truck Mechanics

Storing your truck shouldn’t be difficult or frustrating. The truck mechanics at the storage facility should work hard to make the process as smooth and simple for you as possible. Get the care you deserve for yourself and your truck at a facility that offers excellent customer service.

Store your heavy truck with confidence by working with truck mechanics you can count on to handle the job the right way. When they love trucks as much as you do, you know they’ll take good care of your vehicle.

At Calgary Heavy Trucks, we protect your biggest investment on your behalf. Our truck storage facility exemplifies leading industry standards in security and driver accessibility.


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