Signs Your Semi Truck Needs an Alignment

Staying on top of truck maintenance can be challenging. One important, and often overlooked, aspect of keeping your heavy truck running smoothly is maintaining proper alignment. Watch for these signs that your truck needs an alignment and take it in for truck repair if you notice anything unusual.

If the Steering Wheel isn’t Centred, Visit Truck Mechanics

When driving down a straight road, the steering wheel should be close to perfectly straight. If the steering wheel sits off centre in either direction by more than a few degrees, it’s time to visit your truck mechanics for an alignment.

Seek Heavy Truck Services if the Vehicles Pulls to One Side

No vehicle drives perfectly straight without your hands on the wheel due to crowning in the road and other factors that cause a slight pull. However, it should take little effort to keep your truck driving in a straight line on a level road. If you notice it pulling to the left or right, take your semi truck in for an alignment during heavy truck services.

If the Tires Show Abnormal Wear, Take Your Vehicle in for Truck Repair

Tire wear can reveal a lot about the way your heavy truck is running. Uneven or abnormal wear indicates a problem, often with alignment, so take your vehicle in for heavy truck services.

Talk to a Truck Mechanic if the Handling Feels Loose

If things feel loose, unstable, or sloppy when you’re driving down the road, this may indicate poor wheel alignment. Talk to your truck mechanics if the vehicle isn’t handling well.

Proper alignment helps your semi truck run smoothly. Watch for these signs of poor alignment and take your vehicle in for truck repair if you notice something doesn’t seem right. Then enjoy the improved performance that comes with proper alignment.

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