Signs Your Semi Truck Needs an Alignment

Maintain proper semi truck alignment is important for overall heavy truck maintainence; bad alignment causes premature wear on your tires and poor fuel economy. The following signs can indicate the need for semi truck repair.

Signs Your Semi Truck Needs Alignment

1. Uneven wear on tires.

If one of your tires shows a different wear pattern than the tire on the opposite side of the vehicle, it could indicate that your semi truck alignment is off. More wear on the outside of the tire also is a common indicator.

2. Your heavy truck pulls to one side of the road while you’re driving.

Sometimes trucks will drift to one side, even when you think you’re going straight. If this occurs, or you feel like you have to wrestle with the wheel to keep the vehicle straight, then it’s time to investigate the problem.

3. You’re experiencing vibration on the road.

Improper semi truck alignment can cause your steering wheel or vehicle to vibrate as you drive. If you experience vibration or shaking on the road, visit your truck repair shop.

4. If your steering wheel is off centre.

Another sign of poor alignment is when your steering wheel is off centre while the vehicle is traveling straight ahead.

5. If your truck was involved in a collision.

Anytime your truck is involved in an accident, you should contact your collision repair shop and have your truck alignment checked.

Driver Safety is Key

Truck alignment plays a big role is keeping the driver safe. Be sure to attend regular semi truck maintenance outside of your annual inspection. If you notice any of the signs mentioned above make sure to get your truck diagnosed as soon as possible.


Trust the truck repair professionals to take care of you and your semi truck.

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