Should You Purchase New or Used Truck Parts?

Fixing up your heavy truck can get expensive. Used parts are often a bargain, but they aren’t always the best choice. Knowing when to choose new or used truck parts for heavy truck services can help keep your vehicle running at its best while saving you time and money.

Benefits of Used Truck Parts versus New Parts

The most obvious benefit of purchasing used truck parts is that it saves you money. Used parts are less expensive than new parts and many times work just as well for heavy truck repair. Another benefit is that many times parts shops have used parts on hand, but may have to special order the new part you need. In this case, buying the used truck part saves you time and helps you get back on the road quickly. On the other hand, with new parts you know exactly what you are getting and can get the full lifespan out of the part.

When to Buy New or Used Parts for Heavy Truck Repair

Used parts can be great for heavy truck repair, depending on the type of repairs needed. For things like a cracked tail light or broken motor mount, used parts are a great way to save money. For parts that wear out, like starters, alternators, and brake rotors, it’s usually better to purchase new parts.

Tips for Purchasing Used Parts for Heavy Truck Services

Take care when purchasing used parts to get something that’s in good shape and will meet your needs. It’s always best to buy used truck parts from a reputable body or parts shop. The body shop you trust to perform your heavy truck services can help you determine whether new or used parts are appropriate for your situation, and can help make sure you’re getting quality used parts.

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