OEM vs. Aftermarket Truck Parts: What’s the Difference?

When your heavy truck needs repairs, you want to make sure they’re done right. Using quality parts is an important part of truck repair. Some body shops only use OEM parts while others use aftermarket parts. So what’s the difference between the two and which truck parts should you choose?

OEM Truck Parts for Repairs

OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer, meaning that the car manufacturer also made the replacement part. This offers a number of advantages for heavy truck repair. You know the new part is exactly the same as the old one, so it will fit and perform equally well. This is particularly important for collision repairs because the new parts must have the proper crumble zones. OEM parts are also easy to choose; there is usually one type that you know is good quality. The downside to OEM parts is that they are usually more expensive and can be harder to find.

Aftermarket Parts for Heavy Truck Repair

Aftermarket truck parts are produced by a different manufacturer. Usually they are less expensive than OEM parts and more widely available. They also offer greater variety. One reason to be cautious about purchasing aftermarket parts is that the quality varies. Sometimes aftermarket parts are actually better than OEM parts because some of the weaknesses have been worked out or the part is better suited to your tastes or application. However, sometimes they are made with lower quality materials. When working with aftermarket parts, it’s best to choose a trusted truck body shop so you know you’re getting good parts.

A Truck Body Shop You can Trust

No matter what kind of parts you choose, you deserve a body shop that performs reliable heavy truck repair. Working with a body shop you can trust gives you confidence in the repairs, whether you choose OEM or Aftermarket truck parts.

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