How Much Should I Pay For A Heavy Truck Inspection?

Your semi truck keeps you on the road, and you want to keep it on the road too. Regular heavy truck inspections are a key part of doing just that, they help keep your heavy truck operating smoothly and efficiently. Avoid paying too much for a semi truck inspection by partnering with a truck body shop you can trust.

Benefits of Heavy Truck Inspection

Hours on the road produce a lot of wear and tear on your heavy truck. Routine semi truck inspections provide an opportunity to catch problems early on, while they are still small and relatively easy to fix. This helps you avoid expensive repairs and breakdowns later. Getting small things repaired promptly reduces unnecessary wear and tear on your semi truck, helping it run dependably kilometre after kilometre. A heavy truck inspection also makes sure your truck is safe to operate and running smoothly.

Semi Truck Inspection Types

There are three basic types of heavy truck inspections: trip inspections, annual inspections, and salvage inspections. You should perform a trip inspection each time you take your semi truck out for a run. This includes inspecting your semi truck before, during, and after the trip. An annual semi truck inspection should be performed by a certified CVIP truck inspector. A salvage truck inspection is necessary if your truck was in a major collision.

Cost of a Truck Inspection

Truck inspections are an important part of owning a semi truck, but they shouldn’t cost you a fortune. Expect to pay around $250 for a CVIP truck inspection and around $150 for a CVIP trailer inspection. Make sure the truck body shop you choose is certified to perform CVIP inspections.

Working with a truck body shop you trust for a heavy truck inspection helps you stay safe on the road without spending a fortune.


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