7 Tips for Selecting a Truck Repair Shop

It happens, often at the most inconvenient times: your heavy truck needs repairs or maintenance. Get a jump start on repairs by finding a body shop you can depend on before difficulties pop up. Use these seven tips to help you select a truck repair shop.

1. Ask Around about Repair Shops

Talk to friends, family, and coworkers about truck mechanics and get referrals for good repair shops.

2. Read Truck Mechanic Reviews Online

The Internet is a wonderful resource for additional reviews and information about truck mechanics. It covers a broader spectrum of shops and problems than the people you know are likely to.

3. Find a Truck Maintenance Shop before You Need One

Don’t wait until your truck won’t run and needs emergency repairs because a rushed decision makes you less likely to choose the right shop. Find a heavy truck maintenance shop now so that you’ll be ready when you need repairs or maintenance.

4. Consider More Than Price for Truck Repair

Price is an important part of the decision about repairs, but it shouldn’t be the deciding factor. The cheapest rate may indicate poor service or lower quality parts, but the most expensive choice doesn’t guarantee the best service and parts, so do your research.

5. Ask Questions about Heavy Truck Maintenance

Talk to the truck repair shop about their experience, credentials, warranty policies, customer service, and certifications.

6. Get Written Estimates for Truck Repairs

Choose a repair shop that provides you with written estimates for repairs and maintenance so that you can keep track of exactly what’s being done.

7. Have the Truck Mechanics Explain Things

Find a shop where the mechanics are willing to explain things in terms you can understand.

Use these seven tips to help you find the heavy truck maintenance shop that’s right for you.

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