5 Tips to Help Reduce the Need for Heavy Truck Repairs

Keeping your heavy truck in good condition helps you avoid repairs and stay on the road. Of course, it’s not possible to completely eliminate repairs, but these five tips can help reduce the need for heavy truck repairs.

1. Change Your Oil Regularly at a Heavy Truck Body Shop

Regular oil changes are crucial to keeping your engine running smoothly and one of the most important parts of heavy truck maintenance. Visit a heavy truck body shop or change the oil yourself on a regular basis.

2. Check Your Heavy Truck’s Fuel Vent

All kinds of things can work their way into a fuel vent, particularly if your truck sits idle while you’re taking some time off. Check the fuel vent for blockages as a part of your regular heavy truck services routine.

3. Inspect the Brakes for Heavy Truck Repair Needs

Include checking your brakes during your pre-trip inspection. Look for any signs of wear, and pay attention to squealing or odd sounds and vibrations while driving. If you notice any of these signs, visit your mechanic for heavy truck repair.

4. Inspect the Radiator on Your Heavy Truck

Controlling the temperature of your truck helps keep it running strong. Check the radiator for small leaks and add fluids if they look low before each new route. If you notice leaks, take your rig in for heavy truck repair as soon as possible to avoid over-heating.

5. Grease Moving Parts During Heavy Truck Services

Greasing the moving parts on your heavy truck is a great way to help things run smoothly and reduce the need for repairs. You can do this yourself or take your truck in for heavy truck services.

Proper maintenance helps you avoid expense truck repairs. Try these tips and visit a heavy truck body shop for regular maintenance.

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