5 Semi Truck Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Rig Operating Smoothly

Keeping your heavy truck operating smoothly is an important part of a trucking job. If your truck isn’t functioning at its best, then you aren’t either. These five truck maintenance tips can help you keep your rig running smoothly so you can stay on the road.

Five Truck Maintenance Tips

  • Change the oil – Regular oil checks are a crucial part of truck maintenance. Powerful engines require lots of oil, and if you run out of oil it will quickly damage your engine, resulting in costly repairs.
  • Check the radiator – Always check your radiator and top up the fluid before a long trip, including both the overflow bottle and the radiator itself. Check for leaks and deal with them quickly to reduce the possibility of overheating on the road.
  • Keep an eye on tire pressure – Check your tire pressure at least once a week, or more often if you have long trips scheduled. Changes in the weather and driving at high speeds can influence tire pressure, so check for proper tire pressure regularly.
  • Clean the fuel vent – If your Calgary heavy truck hasn’t been driven for a few days, check the fuel vent. Insects like to build nests in the fuel vent, which can create a blockage and make the truck seem like it’s out of fuel.
  • Check the brakes – Have your brakes checked frequently at a truck body shop. If you notice squealing or vibration when braking, it’s time to have the brakes checked. Safety is big part of regular truck maintenance.

Find a Reliable Truck Body Shop

Partnering with a truck body shop that you trust for maintenance helps you identify and deal with potential problems early, while they are still small. A skilled maintenance specialist can provide technical expertise and heavy truck body parts to help you keep your rig on the road.

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