4 Ways to Prevent Costly Semi Truck Repairs

Repairing your semi truck is often expensive, not only because of the cost of repairs and parts, but also because you lose valuable time on the road. Work to prevent costly repairs with these four semi truck maintenance tips.

Four Semi Truck Maintenance Tips

  • Check your tires – Properly maintaining your tires extends their life and helps improve fuel economy. Check that the tires are properly inflated before every trip. Regularly visit a truck body shop to keep your tires in proper alignment, and have the alignment checked any time the truck is towed, you get new tires, or you notice unusual wear.
  • Check under the hood – Before you start a trip, look under the hood and check all the fluid levels. Look for any fraying or tightness of hoses, belts, and lines. Check electrical wiring for cracks, worn spots, fraying, or burned spots. If you notice a problem, seek semi truck repair as soon as possible. Catching issues early helps avoid more costly problems later.
  • Change the oil and filters – This relatively simple aspect of semi truck maintenance helps protect your engine. Change the oil and replace or clean filters according to the manufacturer’s recommendations to help keep your engine running smoothly.
  • Practice efficient driving – Take care of your engine while you drive to help it run efficiently. Don’t rev the engine to get started; let it warm up for about 10 minutes on its own. Avoid idling as much as possible because it wears your engine out faster and wastes fuel.

Visit a Truck Body Shop for Semi Truck Repair

When your semi truck needs repairs or maintenance beyond your expertise, take it to a professional truck body shop. In addition to preventative maintenance, prompt semi truck repair helps keep small issues from becoming big problems, keeping you on the road.

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